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The Meaning of God’s Mercy

A friend sent me a question posted on facebook about the word mercy. The first part of the question is rather technical but the last part of the question is this: “Can anyone comment on the meaning of the Heb[rew] … Continue reading

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The Gospel in Chinese Calligraphy

I found some more videos on the Chinese language that are prety good. They go more in depth then the other video I posted, and they are shorter too!

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Barabbas the Scapegoat?

Today’s reading in Leviticus 16:1-24 describes the offerings for the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur). One of the most interesting features of this days sacrifices is the offering of two goats; one for the Lord, and one for Azazel. Then … Continue reading

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God is Revealed in the Colors of the Rainbow

If the LORD God Almighty, the Eternal One, and Ancient of Days is the Creator of the universe. Then everything we see and the colors that are used everywhere we look reflect who He is. Artists will especially enjoy this, … Continue reading

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Bible Reading Plan for 4/29/12 – 5/5/12

This is my Bible reading plan I am posting it in case anyone wants to follow along the same plan. This week I will be reading: Leviticus 16:1-20:27; Amos 9:7-9:15; Ezekiel 20:1-20; Hebrews 9:11-28; 1st Corinthians 6:9-20; 1st Peter 1:13-16; … Continue reading

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In the World But Not of the World

This is a common phrase in church circles, but what does it mean? How far ‘In the world’ can a person be and not be ‘of the world’? This issue also touches on cultural relevance, how ‘relevant’ does a church … Continue reading

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Praying the Way Jesus Instructed

Before Jesus taught the disciples what to pray He instructed them on how to pray. All prayer begins in the heart. There is a right heart attitude to pray with and a wrong heart attitude to pray with. So it … Continue reading

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