God is Revealed in the Colors of the Rainbow

If the LORD God Almighty, the Eternal One, and Ancient of Days is the Creator of the universe. Then everything we see and the colors that are used everywhere we look reflect who He is. Artists will especially enjoy this, I know because I am an artist and I know a little bit about color. In fact Color Theory is a required course when you study art. So let’s start with the basics:

Primary Colors

There are three primary colors: Red, Yellow, Blue 

They are called ‘primary’ colors because you cannot make these colors by combining any other colors. These three colors all have the same quality in that they cannot be created, and they create all of the other colors on the color wheel. This coresponds to God who could not have been created yet He created everything we see, and the means to see it!

Secondary Colors

There are three secondary colors: Orange, Green, Purple

These colors are called ‘secondary’ because they are created by combining the primary colors. So then God is primary and we are created by the combined effort of the One-Who-Is-Three. That means we are secondary to Him. Since He creates us, the secondary colors represent us, and all of the colors that are created by the primary colors are a creation of the One-Who-Is-Three.

Here is a simplified color wheel to help you visualize this:

What About Black and White?

If you go to mix paints you know that when you combine all the colors you have you get a muddled dark brown color. And it is impossible to make white with the colors of paint you have. You must go and buy white paint. This is not a reflection of God because it says in Scripture, “God is Light and in Him there is no darkness at all.” (John 1:5) So just as a the colors of the rainbow are made of light so are the colors made by God. When you think of it this way then white light is made up of all of the colors put together because the colors of the rainbow are made when the light is split into different parts of the visual spectrum. Black is the absence of light.

A light splitting prism is an example of this:

In the Beginning

“Let there be light!” (Gen 1:3) These are the first words that God speaks in the Bible. They are the means by which we can view His work. Everything we see about what exists comes through the visual spectrum. Without God we would be blind! The two words in Hebrew are יהי “yihee” and אור “owr”. Let there exist, and light. Let me break down these two words for you:

The first word is spelled Yod-Hey-Yod.

Yod = the arm of the LORD (Which includes the concept that the arm is doing something work related)

Hey = Behold or Look at this!

Yod = the arm of the LORD

So the word that means to be in existence literally means: The arm of the LORD is working. Look at this! God is doing something!

The second word is spelled Aleph-Vav-Reysh.

Aleph = The strong one, the first, the most important.

Vav = ‘and’ or is connected to, or in addition to.

Reysh = The head of, the supreme, the foremost.

The word for ‘light’ then literally means The First strong one is connected to the Supreme Head of all things. So if we see anything at all we are seeing God.

If this is true then the colors of the rainbow and the nature of light itself reflects the who God is and the nature of His being.

The Nature of Light

We are called to be light, just as God is the Light. He calls those who follow His instructions children of the light, because they see God and what He is doing, so they follow Him. There is one more aspect of light that I would like to bring out. Light travels as both a wave and a particle. If we are to walk in the light we are told we need to walk in word and deed. Our words are vocalizations made by sound waves, and are deeds are actions that affect the physical world around us. So too is light. As it travels it travels as a wave, it also has a physical make up as well because it has particles that affect the physical world. Then so does God who spoke the world into being through his Word and He physically created man out of clay. Since light is both word and deed we should walk like God as children of the light. (Eph. 5:8, John 12:36, 1 Thess 5:5)



About Pilgrim's Light

"The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shone." - Isaiah 9:2
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