The Structure of the Bible

There are 66 books in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. This may seem random, but it is actually very structured. There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet (Aleph-Beth). If you assign a letter to each of the books of the Bible you will go through the exactly three times:

1st- Genesis to Song of Songs

2nd- Isaish to Acts

3rd- Romans to Revelation

If that was it it would be cool enough, but there is more. The books follow a 5-12-5 pattern, with a final round of 22. (This is very helpful if you want to memorize the books in order)

5 – Books of Instruction (Torah, Law): 1. Genesis, 2. Exodus, 3. Levticus, 4. Numbers, 5. Deuteronomy

12 – Books of History: 1. Joshua, 2. Judges, 3. Ruth, 4. 1st Samuel, 5. 2nd Samuel, 6. 1st Kings, 7. 2nd Kings, 8. 1st Chrinicles, 9. 2nd Chronicles, 10. Ezra, 11. Nehemiah, 12. Esther

5 – Books of Writings: 1. Job, 2. Psalms, 3. Proverbs, 4. Ecclesiastes, 5. Song of Songs (Solomon)

5 – Books of the Main Prophets: 1. Isaiah, 2. Jeremiah, 3. Lamentations, 4. Ezekiel, 5. Daniel

12 – Books of the Twelve: 1. Hosea, 2. Joel, 3. Amos, 4. Obadiah, 5. Jonah, 6. Micah, 7. Nahum, 8. Habakkuk, 9. Zephaniah, 10. Haggai, 11. Zechariah, 12. Malachi

5- Books of the Messiah/Apostles: 1. Matthew, 2. Mark, 3. Luke, 4. John, 5. Acts

22 – Letters to the Chosen: 1. Romans, 2. 1st Corinthians, 3. 2nd Corinthians, 4. Galatians, 5. Ephesians, 6. Philippians, 7. Colossians, 8. 1st Thessalonians, 9. 2nd Thessalonians, 10. 1st Timothy, 11. 2nd Timothy, 12. Titus, 13. Philemon, 14. Hebrews, 15. James, 16. 1st Peter, 17. 2nd Peter, 18. 1st John, 19. 2nd John, 20. 3rd John, 21. Jude, 22. Revelation

Now if you think this just might be a coincidence there is even more. These can be plotted out on a Menorah with the Hebrew word for praise TeHiLaH (תהלה) like so:

The Tav is the Hebrew letter that looks like a cross, it is the sign of God, and also the mark which is our goal. The Hey looks like a man with his arms raised. The Lamed is a shepherd’s staff which he uses to lead sheep. These are the letters of the Hebrew word Tehilah, which means ‘praise’. The definition of praise according to the meaning of the letters is. “Look! The cross is revealed, God’s instruction can be seen.” When put together with the word for Torah (video here) we see that God is revealing through His Word His plan for the ages.

The thing about this is that the Jews do not consider the New Testament part of God’s Word, and many Christians do not know what the message is from the Hebrew context. This was not a mistake. It was by design, because by these two groups who do not agree we see that when the two viewpoints are put together the integrated whole confirms God’s message! Only God could do this. Now we see that Christians and Jews need each other to fully comprehend God’s Word. It is time to honor each other and listen because the Messiah is on His way, on that we both agree!


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