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Vulcans Learned Their Greeting from the Jews

Leonard Nimoy tells the origin of the Vulcan salute in this video. It is the ‘Shin’ that the priests use while blessing the congregation with the Aaronic Blessing (Numbers 6:24-26). Not only that, “Live long and prosper.” is related to the greeting Shalom. Leonard … Continue reading

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Which English Translation of the Bible is the Best?

This is a question I get asked regularly. This is a complex question, and sometimes it is even a loaded question. Since this is a long post I will cut to the chase for those who have other things to do. … Continue reading

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Modern Day Parallels to Ancient Prophecy

The same patterns continue to repeat. As Israel goes so goes the world.

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Evidence the Birth of Israel Prophesied to the Day!

WASHINGTON – The author of Covenant: God’s Plan for Israel in the Last Days a book by Baruch Battlestein published in Italy, cites prophecies by Ezekiel and Moses that pinpoint with precision the date of Israel’s return to the land … Continue reading

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Mt. Sinai in Saudi Arabia?

I came across this information a few years ago, and I thought it was very compelling. A friend recently sent me the Google Earth coordinates to the location spoken of in this film. If you want to see some amazing … Continue reading

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The Circle Maker Exposed

This is what happens when you use things other than the Bible or Jesus to model your prayer life after. You unknowingly follow the path of the world…

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One Long Comment From The Circle Maker Addressed

This is a “comment” that I received on the original article I posted on The Circle Maker promo video. The word comment is in parenthesis because this is more like a discourse. I am always up for addressing what people say but … Continue reading

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