The Path of Salvation

“I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”     –Jesus

God has taught his people the path to eternal life since Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden. That is why Cain and Able were sacrificing to the LORD. This path is very clearly seen in the Holy Days of the LORD. He set these days apart in Leviticus 23 for his people to learn about his path of salvation by living it out through their national holidays.


The Passover is where God saved Israel from the slavery of the Pharaoh in Egypt. That night they took the blood of the Passover Lamb and struck the doorposts and lintel with the blood of the lamb so that the Angel of Death would “pass over” their home and spare the life of the firstborn son in the house.

John the Baptist called Jesus the “Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.” It was at Passover that the blood of the Lamb of God was shed in order that we might have eternal life. Jesus died for the sins of the world on Passover. If we apply the blood of the Lamb to the doorposts of our heart then we “pass over” from death to life, and become free of the slavery of sin.

Unleavened Bread:

Israel was commanded to eat unleavened bread (matzah) for a week to commemorate the haste with which they left Egypt. They ate it in haste because there was no time for the bread to rise they had to leave quickly when the opportunity presented itself.

Leaven is a picture of sin in the Bible because it puffs up bread dough to make it appear bigger than it actually is. That is the definition of pride and arrogance, the root of all sin. Jesus had no sin in that he never broke even the smallest or minute commandment of God. He fulfilled the feast of unleavened bread when he was buried in the earth. He bore our sins away.

When a person is baptized in the name  of Jesus then they are publicly saying that they have chosen to follow Jesus by dying to sin. They no longer want to live life by their thoughts or judgments but by the Word of God.

First Fruits:

Immediately after Israel crossed the Red Sea God gave the commandment to dedicate the firstborn male of every animal, and every person to him. The principle of the first fruit is that God is deserving of the first of everything we have, and when we do this he guarantees the rest. We give him what we see in order to inherit what we do not see. It is in act of faith in the LORD.

Jesus is the first fruit, he was the first one to be resurrected. Because Jesus was resurrected and we have seen that, he holds the promise that all those who believe in him will also be resurrected. That is the confident expectation we have. To prove this we dedicate the life we have (the one we know and see) in order to gain eternal life (the life that we do not see).  This life is our first fruit offering to the LORD.

Pentecost (Weeks):

Fifty days after Israel crossed the Red Sea Israel is standing at the base of Mt. Sinai as Moses comes down with the ten commandments. Fifty is the number of freedom because every 50 years all of the slaves in Israel were to be set free, and all debts were forgiven. God’s Law is meant to give freedom.

Fifty days after Jesus is resurrected he sends the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the one who teaches us everything Jesus commanded. The Holy Spirit gives us the power to walk in God’s commandments. He walks with us in the wilderness this life until we reach the Promised Land (the Kingdom of God). He helps us go through trials and tribulations by following the Word of God. Be baptized in the Holy Spirit is to be immersed in the Word of God so much so that your actions become a living representation of God’s Word, just like Jesus was and is.


After Israel wanders in the wilderness for forty years they are ready to enter the promised land. The first battle commences against Jericho were the trumpets are blown and the walls fall down. This is a picture of a future feast of Trumpets where Jesus the Messiah returns.

Jesus said himself that he would return on the feast of Trumpets which is also known as the hidden day, and the day and the hour no man knows. That is because the Feast of Trumpets falls on the beginning day of the month which began by observing the appearance of the new moon. Since no one knew exactly when the new moon would appear only after the new moon was sighted would the holiday begin. Therefore the exact time could not be predicted it could only be estimated. Everyone would have to watch and wait.

Jesus says he will return like a thief in the night, Paul says the same thing. However Paul says to the Thessalonians that he has explained to them the ‘seasons’ (or holidays) so that day would not overtake those who believe like a thief in the night. To be caught by total surprise at the return of Jesus the Messiah is seen as a judgement against those who are not watching and waiting. Those who know will not be taken by surprise. (1 Thess. 5:4)

We are now waiting and watching for the return of Jesus, the horn is about to blow!

Day of Atonement:

After Jericho the nations of Canaan were judged and destroyed along with their idol worship, and their sinful ways. God brought judgment on them through the armies of Israel and their leader Joshua who conquered the land and lived in it.

When Jesus returns he will judge the earth. Part of that judgement is a great battle against the nations who have tried to destroy Israel. The battle of Armageddon takes place in Israel and is the site of a great bloodbath. That blood bath is the world of men who have come against the Lord paying for their sins with their own blood. The nations are judged and everyone is judged according to the book of life.

This is motivation for us to walk with the LORD now and to obey his word now. We will be judged according to how well we live for him while on earth. When he returns let him find us doing what is right.


Joshua and Israel divide up the land according to the inheritance of each tribe. Everyone received an everlasting inheritance.

God will dwell with his people and rule the nations. We will live in the Kingdom on the Earth as Jesus rules from Jerusalem. The Kingdom of the King of Israel the smallest and most lowly of the nations will rule the earth with truth, and justice, and honor, and glory. According to the commandments he has written. This is the beginning of eternal life for those who follow Jesus.

This is the Path of Salvation that God is revealing through the history of Israel and his holy days which he gave them in order that they would know what his plan was and how he would save them. But they are not just for Israel. If anyone turns to the LORD, these days become their heritage as well. His laws become the foundation of their life, and his path of salvation is open to them.

This is a presentation I have been working on with some ministry partners. It is meant to teach people the full plan of Salvation from beginning to end. Many people know that Jesus came and died for their sins, but that is where the path begins, and not where it ends. We are not just saved from our sins to wait to be taken to heaven. We need to actually walk out our faith. The pattern that God revealed to us through the Bible is a perfect way to do that.

We have put this information into a presentation book that is now available through the Pilgrim’s Light ministry website here. We will be adding more tools and products so that this information can be shared with others. We are also working on a website and a video.

If you want to see this information presented in person I will be at the 2012 Washington State Fair in Puyallup on Sept. 12th, the evening of Sept 17th, and Sept 19th. If you come in the Blue Gate just follow the Blue Line to the left and you will run into the booth.


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"The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shone." - Isaiah 9:2
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