Is Bill O’Reilly Killing Jesus?

Bill OReilly

Recently, Bill O’Reilly published his new book “Killing Jesus”. Bill O’Reilly claims that his book is historically accurate and not religious. So in the book he gives no reference to Jesus being the Son of God. He also claims that his book is more historically accurate than the Bible. The following is an excerpt from an interview given to 60 Minutes:

O’Donnell: you include two quotes from Jesus on the cross, but not the most famous one: “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” Why not?

O’Reilly:  We don’t put things in that we don’t think happened.

O’Donnell:  How do  you know?

O’Reilly: Because you couldn’t say something like that, audibly that people would hear. He, you die on a cross from being suffocated. That your lungs can’t take in any more air. You can hardly breathe.   We believe Jesus said that,  but we don’t believe he set it on the cross, ’cause nobody could’ve heard it.

O’Donnell:  But, Bill,you know what people are going to say. ” the Bible says that Jesus said on the cross, ‘Father forgive them,’ but Bill O’Reilly says that’s not true, so I should believe Bill?

O’Reilly:  Well you believe what you want. If you want to take the Bible literally,  then that’s your right to do that.

O’Donnell: capital but you use as your sources for this book the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.  But you pick and choose.

O’Reilly:  Right, but that’s not our only source. I mean, we use Muslim sources, we use Roman sources, we use Jewish sources.

O’Donnell: So is this the gospel according to Bill?

O’Reilly: This is the best available evidence according to Bill. We believe that the oral history in the Bible is largely accurate but were not taking it literally.

So Bill O’Reilly is picking and choosing which parts of the Bible are true, and which parts are historical accurate. Now scholars do this all the time and it is no surprise, because scholars do not treat the Bible as God’s divinely inspired Word. However, Bill O’Reilly makes some pretty outrageous claims as to why he wrote the book.  Here is another exchange from the same interview:

O’Reilly: All of the ideas come to me in the middle of the night. And one night, I just woke up and went, “Killing Jesus.” And I believe because I Catholic that comes from the Holy Spirit. My inspiration comes from that. And so I wrote Killing Jesus because I think I was directed to write that.

O’Donnell: You believe the Holy Spirit directed you to write Killing Jesus?

O’Reilly: Yes, I believe that.

So here is where the problem comes in, Bill O’Reilly believes that the Holy Spirit told him to write this book. This is a problem because there is no way that the Holy Spirit would tell anyone to write a book which uses other books to correct the historical accuracy of the Bible. The Holy Spirit already inspired a book to tell the world what happened on the cross when Jesus died there.  Not only did He use historically accurate information  He used eyewitness testimony. What the Bible records is a firsthand  eyewitness account. Bill O’Reilly is suggesting that 2000 years after the fact he can come up with a better historical account then the disciples who were there at the cross and in Jerusalem when these events happened. Not only that, but that the Holy Spirit endorsed a different account of the same story. Bill O’Reilly has to be the most arrogant man on the planet to believe that God would call on him to correct the Bible, and not only that but to leave out the fact that Jesus was and is the divine Son of God.

Here is the complete 60 Minutes interview:


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2 Responses to Is Bill O’Reilly Killing Jesus?

  1. Mercury Malik says:

    Did we see it OURSELVES? Why isn’t the accounts of HIStory truly consensus? Every writer (yes, even “canonical” ones John and Matthew…Mark and Luke were NEVER in Jesus’/Yahshua’s/Isa’s ACTUAL company), historian, etc. writes through the filter of their OWN thoughts, feelings, and experience. If I didn’t see it, I don’t TOTALLY believe it. Hence, all these different outlooks and interpretations. I simply wasn’t there. The writers of history generally compile information that views the writer in the best possible light. I’m visibly of African descent. But, a look at American history texts and you MINIMALIZE the role the Transatlantic Slave Trade had/has on Western “civilization”. I think we can ALL agree THAT MAN didn’t look like Italian Renaissance paintings. He was a Middle Eastern man. He lived around Middle Eastern people. But, I don’t KNOW exactly how he looked. Neither does ANYONE else.

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