5 Tips For Daily Bible Reading

BibleI have been moved to encourage people to read the Bible daily. I am convinced that a lot of the problems we face could be greatly reduced if people spent more quality time in the Bible. Of course there is more to reading than just getting your eyeballs to follow the letters down the page, but if that’s where you’re at… baby steps.

Reading should be done with some level of comprehension. That means you understand what you are reading which most people do if they concentrate a little. The big problem is distracted reading. Extraneous thoughts, a wandering mind, tyranny of the urgent, and other distractions can really detract from comprehension. So here are a few tips that might help you out:

1. Have a goal.

It is difficult to aimlessly read through the Bible. Most books you have a goal. The goal is to finish the book. You can read it straight through. The Bible is not like most books it has many forms of literature, and many books within its pages. So reading straight through can actually be a problem. Most reading plans take into consideration that and either suggest smaller readings or they skip around enough that interest remains high. The most common goal is to read the Bible through in one year. This is a good place to start, make it a goal to have read the entire Bible a year from now and follow the rest of these tips.

2. Have a Bible reading plan.

If you make a routine then you should plan on what to read ahead of time. Find a schedule. Get a plan! It is tough to figure out what you want to read right before you sit down to read your Bible.  That is because there are so many places to start! There are 66 books in total. Not only that you might just try and read what you are the mood for, or you might start in one place and after reading a few verses change your mind and go to another place. Having a plan will help avoid all of this.

3. Make a routine.

If you make daily Bible reading part of your morning routine then you will be able to focus better. Your mind will adjust to the fact that this is what it does every day, and the noise up there should calm down a bit. Not only that you will be more consistent with your Bible reading time.

4. Track your progress.

I am convinced that in life there are few things that grant as much satisfaction as checking off boxes. You just feel really accomplished when you check stuff off. This can be a real motivator. Make sure your Bible reading plan has a way to track your progress. I use a Bible reading chart that has a box for every chapter of the Bible. When I read a chapter i check off the box. So satisfying. Find a way that works best for you and if you want the chart I use then shoot me an e-mail and I’ll send it to you: pilgrim@pilgrimslight.org. Just make sure you put Bible Chart in the subject line.

5. Begin immediately!

Now if you have actually been doing these tips then you made a goal, thought of a plan, scheduled some time in your routine, and found a way to track your progress. There is only one thing left. Get started! The best indicator of whether you will do this or not is the action you take right now. The longer you delay the more likely you are not going to start. If you like we have a daily Bible reading plan that will e-mail you everyday with a portion of the Bible to read. It will take you through the Bible in one year. To subscribe to it use the link below:

Pilgrims’ Light Daily Bible Reading Schedule

Well… what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!


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"The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shone." - Isaiah 9:2
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