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Is Bill O’Reilly Killing Jesus?

Recently, Bill O’Reilly published his new book “Killing Jesus”. Bill O’Reilly claims that his book is historically accurate and not religious. So in the book he gives no reference to Jesus being the Son of God. He also claims that … Continue reading

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The State of Intolerance of Christianity

There has been a marked decline in the tolerance Christians in the country that guarantees every citizen freedom of religion and freedom of speech. The very reason Pilgrims and Puritans came to this land is now under attack like never … Continue reading

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Good and Evil in T-Shirt Form

I was browsing some tourist shops with the family last night when I saw this: I would not have seen this T-shirt if it was not so prominantely displayed in the store. I immediately thought of the Tree of the … Continue reading

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I Guess Rick Warren and I Disagree

I would like to know who tries to see the Cross in every verse. Even so, accusing people who try to connect Jesus with every part of the Bible as reading into Scripture is going a bit far. Didn’t Jesus … Continue reading

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Another Wise Congregation Schools its “Pastor”

This pastor thinks he is suffering for what is right. Maybe God is trying to tell him something… Reverend loses church in backlash for voting in support of same sex marriage By Daily Mail Reporter A once revered reverend who … Continue reading

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The Circle Maker Exposed

This is what happens when you use things other than the Bible or Jesus to model your prayer life after. You unknowingly follow the path of the world…

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One Long Comment From The Circle Maker Addressed

This is a “comment” that I received on the original article I posted on The Circle Maker promo video. The¬†word¬†comment is in parenthesis because this is more like a discourse. I am always up for addressing what people say but … Continue reading

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Ritual Magic Seen in The Circle Maker Promo Video

The following post was originally posted at on December 2, 2011. This is by far the most viewed and controversial things on the website. I suppose the title is a bit sensational, but I was so shocked about what … Continue reading

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